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Match Results

Mirror Carp (Cyprinus carpio)

All-Night Carp Series 2011

Pos Angler Total Weight Total Fish Up/Down
1 Craig Andrews 318:04 38 ---
2 Rod Andrews 198:00 21 ---
3 Luke Andrews 194:10 23 +1
4 John Nash 178:01 18 -1
5 Ian Tucker 133:01 17 ---
6 Joe Hemmings 89:13 6 ---
7 George Clark 84:00 10 +1
8 Sean Clark 52:10 6 -1
Biggest Ian Tucker 20:00 - Round 4

All-Night Carp Series • 2011 Results Menu
Use the links below to jump to the results and report for each round.

26th Mar 2011 • All-Night Carp Series - Century Ponds - 8am To 8am • Round 1
1st - Craig Andrews - 74lb 10oz - 11 fish - peg 12
2nd - Luke Andrews - 63lb 7oz - 7 fish - peg 6
3rd - Rod Andrews - 62lb 13oz - 6 fish - peg 5
4th - Sean Clark - 52lb 10oz - 6 fish - peg 2
5th - Joe Hemmings - 46lb 0oz - 3 fish - peg 3
6th - Ian Tucker - 31lb 12oz - 3 fish - peg 10
7th - John Nash - 11lb 1oz - 1 fish - peg 11
8th - George Clark - 7lb 12oz - 1 fish - peg 8
Biggest Fish - Rod Andrews & Joe Hemmings - 18lb 8oz (different fish)
Round 1 of the All-Night Carp Series at Century Old Pond saw a total of 38 fish landed. Joe Hemmings took an early lead with a couple of good Carp from peg 3, including the joint-biggest of the round at 18lb 8oz. The other anglers started to land fish as the Match progressed.

The Match was eventually won by Craig Andrews who landed 11 fish from peg 12 for a total of 74lb 10oz. Second place went to Luke Andrews with 7 fish totalling 63lb 7oz from peg 6.

Close behind in third place was Rod Andrews with 62lb 13oz, consisting of 6 fish from peg 5, including a fish of 18lb 8oz, equalling the best of the round. Round 2 takes place on Saturday 21st May. Thanks to George and Ian for running the Match.

21st May 2011 • All-Night Carp Series - Century Ponds - 8am To 8am • Round 2
1st - Craig Andrews - 134lb 7oz - 14 fish - peg 5
2nd - Ian Tucker - 76lb 10oz - 12 fish - peg 12
3rd - Rod Andrews - 62lb 0oz - 8 fish - peg 6
4th - John Nash - 51lb 0oz - 4 fish - peg 11
5th - Joe Hemmings - 43lb 7oz - 3 fish - peg 10
6th - George Clark - 20lb 0oz - 3 fish - peg 9
7th - Luke Andrews - 13lb 5oz - 2 fish - peg 8
8th - Sean Clark - Unable to fish - peg 3
Biggest Fish - Joe Hemmings - 18lb 6oz
Round 2 of the All-Night Carp Series at Century Old Pond saw a total of 46 fish landed, on a dry but very windy day followed by heavy rain in the early hours of the morning.

A great close-fought contest between Craig Andrews and Ian Tucker saw the two catching one-for-one until midnight, with Craig pulling off a very spectacular result throughout the night to win the Match with an impressive 134lb 7oz from peg 5.

Ian Tucker landed 76lb 10oz from peg 12 to take second place, with Rod Andrews coming in third with 62lb from peg 6. Joe Hemmings landed the biggest fish of the day at 18lb 6oz. Craig Andrews still tops the leaderboard with over 200lb of fish.

2nd Jul 2011 • All-Night Carp Series - Century Ponds - 8am To 8am • Round 3
1st - Craig Andrews - 90lb 11oz - 11 fish - peg 6
2nd - John Nash - 64lb 15oz - 9 fish - peg 1
3rd - Rod Andrews - 46lb 6oz - 5 fish - peg 12
4th - Luke Andrews - 40lb 3oz - 5 fish - peg 9
5th - Joe Hemmings - 0lb 0oz
5th - George Clark - 0lb 0oz
5th - Ian Tucker - 0lb 0oz
5th - Sean Clark - 0lb 0oz
Biggest Fish - Craig Andrews - 14lb 7oz
Round 3 of the All-Night Carp Series at Century Old Pond turned out to be a very hard Match with no fish caught on bottom baits until very late evening.

Well done Craig Andrews for catching off the surface throughout the day, landing 11 fish for 90lb 11oz from peg 6. Craig has won all three Rounds so far, giving him an almost uncatchable 128-pound lead at the top of the table.

John Nash lost a large number of fish to the lillies in peg 1, but managed to bank 9 fish for a total weight of 64lb 15oz, moving him up another 3 places to third on the leaderboard.

A total of 30 fish were caught during the contest, with only 6 in double figures, the largest being 14lb 7oz by Craig Andrews. The fourth and final Round takes place on Saturday 10th September.

10th Sep 2011 • All-Night Carp Series - Century Ponds - 8am To 8am • Round 4
1st - Luke Andrews - 83lb 13oz - 9 fish - peg 2
2nd - George Clark - 56lb 4oz - 6 fish - peg 9
3rd - John Nash - 51lb 1oz - 4 fish - peg 3
4th - Rod Andrews - 26lb 13oz - 2 fish - peg ??
5th - Ian Tucker - 24lb 11oz - 2 fish - peg ??
6th - Craig Andrews - 18lb 8oz - 2 fish - peg ??
7th - Sean Clark - 0lb 0oz
7th - Joe Hemmings - 0lb 0oz
Biggest Fish - Ian Tucker - 20lb 0oz
Round 4 of the All-Night Carp Series at Century Old Pond saw 8 anglers land 25 fish. Luke Andrews won the Match with 9 fish for a total of 83lb 13oz from peg 2, enough to lift him to third place in the final leaderboard.

George Clark was runner-up with a total of 56lb 4oz, made up of 6 fish landed from peg 9, which saw George climb off the bottom of the table. In third place was John Nash who banked 4 fish from peg 3 for a total of 51lb 1oz.

Rod Andrews caught a lovely 18lb 13oz Mirror, followed by his son Luke catching a fine 19lb 10oz Common. Both fish beat the previous biggest fish for the Series. Ian Tucker landed the biggest fish of the Match - and the Series - with a Carp of 20lb.

The 2011 Series was won by Craig Andrews with a total weight of 318lb 4oz, made up of 38 fish. Well fished Craig. A grand total of 139 fish were caught during the four Rounds. Thanks to George and Ian for organising the event. Stay tuned for details of a new format for the 2012 Series.

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Mirror Carp (Cyprinus carpio)
Mirror Carp
(Cyprinus carpio)
Record: 67lb 8oz (2008)
Austin Holness, Conningbrook Lake, Ashford, Kent.

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