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News Archive 2004

Rudd (Scardinius erythrophthalmus)

News Archive

News Archive • Keynsham Angling Association Past News Reports
Past Keynsham Angling Association news reports organised into year-by-year pages.

8th Dec 2004 • 2005 Match Calendar & Licences, Match Results
Keynsham A.A. licences have now been stocked at Veals and Avon Aquatics in addition to the existing supplies at Keynsham Pet & Garden. We hope to be able to stock the remaining shops within the next week or so. Next Match is on Sunday 30th Jan 2005 at Century Old Pond.

Next year will see a total of 15 Matches at Century Ponds and the Mill Ground, full details of which you can find on the Matches page, along with the result of the Christmas Match 2004. Finally, the Club phone is now back on, having been 'resuced' from Mike Ewins who is still 'residing' at Frenchay Hospital. The Club would like to wish Mike a speedy recovery.

13th Oct 2004 • A.G.M. Report 2004
Craig Clark with the Keeling Cup - click to enlarge The Associations' Annual General Meeting was held on October 4th, where a number of changes were proposed and carried by the meeting, as outlined below.

• Century Ponds day tickets will cost 3.50 from 1st Jan '05.
• Spinning is now allowed on the Clubs' river waters.
• Boilies are now legal at Century Ponds as hookbait only.
• Braid hooklengths are now legal - braid mainline is still outlawed.
• Trout pellets are now banned on Club waters.

• George Clark, Adam Denham and Paul Jolliffe are now full Committee Members.
• Former Committee Members Warren Bates and Mike Taylor are now Life Members.
• The admin fee for replacing lost licences is now 4.00.
• The Gold Card scheme now allows holders to fish Century Ponds 7 days a week.
• A new Silver Card will replace the old Gold Card (weekday fishing only).

At the meeting, Junior Member Craig Clark was presented with the Keeling Cup (see picture), while the Committee thanked secretary Mike Ewins for his sterling efforts over the past year. Special thanks was also given to Roy Garland for his continued KAA coverage in the Green 'Un.

12th Oct 2004 • Forthcoming Match, Litter Bugs
A reminder to all Members that the next Match is at Century Ponds on Sunday 24th October, with the draw taking place at 10am, fishing 11am - 3pm. The litter problem at Century Ponds appears to be getting worse. Bylaw 9 outlaws the leaving of litter - please take it home with you. Members found abusing this rule can and will be expelled from the Club if caught. This applies to river anglers as well.

21st Sep 2004 • Club Match Result
The recent Club Match at Century Ponds was won by George Clark with 4lb 8oz.

17th Sep 2004 • A.G.M. Notification, Match Reminder, Century Ponds
Craig Clark with a 17lb Century Mirror - click to enlarge Members are hereby reminded that this years Annual General Meeting will take place on Monday 4th October at Keynsham Cricket Club. Please arrive at 7:30pm for an 8pm start. In accordance with Association rules, all Members wishing to propose changes to the Club constitution must have posted their intentions at least 30 days before the meeting.

There is a Match at Century Island Pond this coming Sunday (19th Sept). The Committee has received several enquiries as to why the two Ponds are now divided. This move was carried out in order to protect the water level in the Old Pond whilst the Island Pond was leaking. Though repair work has been carried out on the leak, the Ponds will remian divided until we are certain that the leak has been totally eradicated. This will most likely be in a year or so.

23rd Aug 2004 • New Day Ticket Outlets, Chew Match Result
Presenting the King Midas Cup! - click to enlarge (pic by Adam Denham) Keynsham A.A. licences and Century Ponds day tickets are now available at Bill Pugh's and Scott's Tackle, with new stocks now added to Avon Aquatics and Avon Angling. The recent River Chew Match was won by Paul Jolliffe with a weight of 2lb 12oz. Please be aware that Century Ponds will be closed on Sunday September 5th for a private booking. Next Match is Sunday 19th Sept at Century Ponds.

2nd Aug 2004 • Autumn 2004 Match Dates, Venue Reports
Four new Match dates have been scheduled for the remainder of 2004, including a River Chew (Mill Ground) Match on Sunday August 22nd. Please remember, Century Ponds will be closed all day on both Sunday August 22nd and Sunday September 5th for private bookings.

The Ponds have seen some good catches, with Carp to 18lb reported from the Old Pond, and Crucians, Skimmers, Perch and Tench showing to a variety of baits from the Island Pond. Water levels have remained high this summer following the work carried out in the spring to fix the leaking bank.

Good numbers of Grayling continue to show from the River Chew at Compton Dando, with Bream and Carp reported from the Mill Ground section at Keynsham. Expect the fallen trees to be removed soon.

26th Jul 2004 • Match Result, Century Ponds Report
The July Club Match was won by new Committee Member Adam Denham with an impressive 17lb bag of Skimmers. Next Match date to be confirmed within the next few days. Century Ponds continues to produce Carp to 19lb as well as plenty of Skimmers, Crucians, Tench and Roach to the usual baits.

8th Jul 2004 • Rule Changes, Century Ponds News, Keeling Cup Result
Damien Eschelby with 'Jupiter' at 16lb 9oz (3 July 2004) - click to enlarge A number of rule changes were made by the Committee at the July meeting held last Monday (5th). Firstly, it was decided to remove the rule banning braid hooklengths. These are now legal, however, braided mainline is still outlawed.

Secondly, it was voted that Carp must not be retained in keepnets at any time. This rule has been in practice at the Ponds for a few months and has now been made permanent. Any Member found with Carp in their keepnet will be asked to leave the venue. Repeat offenders face being expelled from the Club.

The Club would like to thank Committee Member George Clark for making and installing the new platform numbers. Members are reminded that cereal groundbait is to be used in moderation only - there are a few anglers who, via their use of the 'Method' feeders, are exploiting this rule. Please be sensible with all free offerings.

The Keeling Cup Match on 27th June was won by Junior Member Craig Clark with a 17lb 10oz bag of Carp and Skimmers. A Club Match has been fixed for Sunday 25th July at Century Ponds.

23rd Jun 2004 • Keeling Cup Details, Venue Reports
Josh Forrester with one of the Century Crucians - click to enlarge A reminder that there is a 12-peg Match at Century Ponds on Sunday 27th June (1:30pm draw, fishing 2:30-7:30pm), sponsored by Bristol Bait Supplies, competing for the Keeling Cup. All Members are welcome. The Old Pond will be open as usual.

The Match is strictly first come first served, however, day tickets for the Old Pond will be available to anglers who miss out on a Match place.

Carp, Tench, Skimmers and Crucians are all showing in good numbers at Century Ponds (see picture of Crucian above), with Carp to 16lb reported. Small Carp (3-5lb) have been showing at the Mill Ground section of the River Chew.

8th Jun 2004 • New Platforms At Century Ponds, Catch Report
New platforms on the Island Pond - click to enlarge New platforms at Century Island Pond were installed on 5th June, bringing the total number of swims at the venue up to 26. The platforms have yet to be back-filled, so be careful when fishing. Additionally, Charlie's island has been tidied up and planted with bamboo, gunera and lobelia.

The Ponds continue to fish well, with 120lb bags of Carp reported from the Old Pond. Tench, Carp, Perch and Roach continue to show throughout, with the Crucians in the Island Pond now beginning to feed. Cat meat, corn and maggots have all been productive.

A reminder that Members are responsible for all the litter in their swim, which has been on the increase this year. Please clear your swim of all litter when you leave.

24th May 2004 • Century Ponds Report, No Carp In Keepnets, Working Party
Craig Clark with 'Jupiter' at 16lb 4oz (23 May 2004) - click to enlarge Century Ponds continues to produce good Carp to over 16lb. Fish have been banked on a variety of baits, from corn to cat meat, with maggots and banded pellets also proving to be productive. The majority of Carp are being caught in the margins of the Old Pond, with fish showing in all pegs.

The Island Pond Tench are now actively feeding, while the odd Crucian has shown up. Expect more Crucian action as the temperatures rise. Please avoid putting Carp in keepnets during the summer months as the Club is keen to avoid a total keepnet ban. Many of the Century Carp were looking poorly last autumn after being kept in nets.

A reminder that Century Ponds will be closed all day on Sunday 30th May. Additionally, the Island Pond will be virtually unfishable on Sat 5th June from 10am, when the new platforms will be installed. All Members are encouraged to lend a hand. Refreshments will be provided on the day.

11th May 2004 • Mike Taylor Resigns, New Committee Members
Max Birt with 'Reg' at 14lbs 14oz - 9 May 2004 - click to enlarge The Club would like to thank Mike Taylor for all his hard work and input over the last 15 or so years following his recent resignation from the Keynsham Angling Association Committee. Thanks Mike.

Paul Jolliffe and George Clark have both been co-opted onto the Committee. Welcome aboard gents!

5th May 2004 • Century Ponds Report
Century Ponds May 2004  - click to enlarge Good numbers of fish have been showing at Century Ponds as the water temperatures rise. Both Ponds are fishing well, with Carp to 15lb from the Old Pond, and many fish now pushing the 9lb mark. These should all be doubles by summer 2005.

Corn, cat meat and particles have all given good results. The Island Pond has started to produce Tench and Carp from most swims, although the Crucians have yet to make an appearance. Roach, Perch and Gudgeon are feeding throughout the day to maggot and caster.

16th Apr 2004 • Floating Bait Ban At Century Ponds, Fish Redistribution
Damien with a double from the Old Pond - click to enlarge Fishing at Century Ponds has picked up over Easter with 80lb bags of Carp landed from the Island Pond and 15lb-plus Carp showing from the Old Pond. Some sizable Bream have also been tempted from both waters. The Island Pond is now completely full. A new overflow pipe has been installed near the dam end.

A floating bait ban at Century is now in place as the Geese are about to hatch a new family. For the next few months, all 5lb-plus carp caught in the Island Pond are to be released in the Old Pond, while all smaller Carp (under 1lb) and Skimmers caught in the Old Pond are to be returned to the Island Pond.

This will make the Island Pond suitable for fishing with lighter tackle, while the Old Pond will eventually be home to the larger Carp, all of which makes the Club's re-stocking programme a whole lot easier.

10th Apr 2004 • Leak Repaired, Members Banned, Century Report, Happy Easter
Canada Geese are now back at Century Ponds - click to enlarge The leak repair work at Century Island Pond is now complete, with the bank due to be landscaped and grassed in the next week. Water levels are already nearing full capacity.

The Club has had to expel three Members from the Club for causing damage to farm machinery whilst fishing at Century Ponds last week. Keynsham A.A. will not tolerate misbehaviour on Club waters. Anyone found breaking Club Rules will be banned from the Association.

Sport is picking up at Century Ponds as the weather turns milder, with mixed bags from the Island Pond up to 75lb, consisting of Tench, Skimmers, Roach and Carp, and weights up to 45lb from the Old Pond. Double-figure Carp to 14lb-plus are showing in good numbers, mainly from the Old Pond, while Skimmers to nearly 2lb have been making appearances on both waters.

The two resident Canada Geese are now back at the Ponds. Please take extra care when using floating baits. A ban will be enforced as soon as the pair have hatched their offspring. Tight lines and have a happy Easter.

10th Feb 2004 • Century Ponds Stocked With 400 Tench
Tench at Century - click to enlarge Century Ponds has been stocked with 400 Tench ranging from 4-8 inches long. The majority of the fish were added to the Island Pond at the dam end, with 70-80 fish being released in the Old Pond.

The new fish follow the recent batch of Crucian Carp that were added to the Island Pond in December.

6th Feb 2004 • New KAA Marker Signs, New Platforms, Get Well Soon Mike
New signs on the River Chew  - Click to enlarge The Club has now installed marker signs on each of the gates leading into Association waters on the River Chew, from Compton Dando downstream to the Albert Mill at Keynsham. Many thanks to Committee Member Rich Denning for acquiring and preparing the perspex.

Work has now been completed on the new platforms around the Old Pond at Century. Thirteen swims have been installed, including two double-width platforms for use by the Club's Disabled Members. The platforms on the Island Pond will also be replaced within the coming months.

The Club Committee would like to wish Secretary Mike Ewins a speedy recovery following surgery on his spine. Get well soon Mike.

12th Jan 2004 • Century Ponds Stocked With Crucians, Working Party
Crucians at Century - click to enlarge The Island Pond at Century was recently stocked with over 1,000 4-6 inch Crucian Carp, with a batch of 400 similar-sized Tench due to be added to both Ponds in February. Pond levels are now almost back to normal following the winter rain and the closing of the gap between the two waters.

Carp to low doubles have been showing from the Old Pond throughout the winter to corn, caster and maggot, along with plenty of good Roach, Skimmers and Perch to 1.5 lb-plus.

A second working party is scheduled for January 25th at 1pm in order to finish installing the platforms on the Old Pond. All help from Members is welcome. Food and refreshments will be available on the day.

News Archive

News Archive • Keynsham Angling Association Past News Reports
Past Keynsham Angling Association news reports organised into year-by-year pages.

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Rudd (Scardinius erythrophthalmus)
(Scardinius erythrophthalmus)
Record: 4lb 10oz (2001)
Simon Parry, Clay Lake,
County Armagh, N. Ireland.

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