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News Archive 2008

Rudd (Scardinius erythrophthalmus)

News Archive

News Archive • Keynsham Angling Association Past News Reports
Past Keynsham Angling Association news reports organised into year-by-year pages.

22nd Dec 2008 • Happy Christmas To All Members, Ponds Closed In Feb 2009
Keynsham Angling Association would like to wish all Members and their families a very Happy Christmas and tight lines for the New Year. Stay tuned throughout 2009 when we hope to be able to announce some exciting developments for the Club. Please be advised that Century Ponds will be CLOSED from 1st Feb 2009 to 28th Feb 2009 (inclusive) for essential repairs and maintenance. No day tickets will be available during this period.

5th Dec 2008 • Christmas Match Result, 2009 Licences Now In Shops
Matt Smith won the George Bingham Shield at the 2008 Christmas Match with a 17lb 10oz Carp from peg 2 of the Old Pond at Century.

Keynsham Angling Association 2009 licences and day tickets are now in the shops, with the exception of Veals and Bacons who will no longer be selling Keynsham A.A. day tickets or licences. The new licences are valid from the date of purchase until the end of 2009. All prices remain unchanged from 2008.

14th Nov 2008 • 2008 Christmas Match Details
Max Lamprey with a personal best 16lb Common from peg 8 at Century Ponds (click to enlarge) - photo by Phil Seymour Please note that the George Bingham Christmas Match will take place on Sunday 30th November at Century Ponds. There will be a Carp Match and a Silver Fish Match running at the same time. Limited places are available for both Matches. For further details call Phil on 07973 736519. The 2009 licences should be in the shops by next Friday (21st).

17th Oct 2008 • A.G.M. News, 2009 Match Dates, February Ponds Closure
Match calendar 2009 - click to view At the 105th Annual General Meeting held on Monday 6th October 2008, Phil Seymour was elected Honorary Secretary, replacing Jason Allen who has decided to stand down. Dave Weaver has kindly offered his services to the Club by joining the Committee. Former President Roger Palmer was elected Honorary Vice President. Jason Allen was elected an Honorary Life Member.

The 2009 Match calendar has now been prepared and can be viewed on the Matches page. The 2009 licences are currently in production and should be in the shops by early November. Don't forget the 2008 George Bingham Christmas Match will be held on Sunday November 30th at Century Ponds.

Advance notice is hereby given that Century Ponds will be CLOSED during the whole of February 2009 for maintenence and fishery management. February was chosen as it's traditionally the quietest time of year at the Ponds. Apologies to all Members for any inconvenience this may cause.

21st Sep 2008 • All-Night Carp Series Results, Junior Match
George Clark with a 19lb 15oz mirror (click to view full results) - photo by Ian Tucker George Clark won the fourth and final round of the 2008 All-Night Carp Series with a superb weight of 113lb 5oz, more than enough to win the Series with a total of 23 fish for 274lb 12oz. Well fished George! A reminder to all Junior Members that a Silver Fish Match will take place at Century Ponds next Sunday (28th) after the shoot.

Sport at Century Ponds has picked up in recent weeks with a good showing of Carp from the Old Pond and healthy weights of small Carp and Skimmers from the Island Pond. The rivers are now back to their usual levels after the summer rain. Finally, 3 new press photos have been added to the History page.

10th Sep 2008 • New Club Phone Number, Century Ponds Closure
The new permanent Club phone number is 07973 736519. Please note that Century Ponds will be CLOSED ALL DAY on Sunday 14th September for an extended clay shoot. The Old Pond will be closed all day on Saturday 13th September for the 4th round of the 2008 All-Night Carp Match Series. The Island Pond will be open to all Members as usual on the 13th.

6th Aug 2008 • Junior Match Result, Catch Reports
Jack Bennett won the recent Junior Silver Fish Match at Century Ponds with a total of 14lb 2oz. Century is fishing well with good weights of silver fish reported. Corn and pellet seems to be the winning combination for small Carp and Skimmers. Carp to 20lb have also been showing in the Old Pond. The Avon and Chew have been flowing well following recent summer rain, with the best catches coming as the rivers fall back to normal levels.

24th Jun 2008 • Junior Carp Match Reminder, Silver Fish Match Result
A reminder goes out to all Junior Members that there is a daytime Carp Match taking place at Century Ponds this Saturday (28th June). For further information call Phil on 07973 736519. Mike Taylor won the post-shoot Silver Fish Match at Century Island Pond last Sunday (22nd June) with 21lb 2oz from peg 15.

14th Jun 2008 • Match Results, Club Badges, Coarse Season Opens
Keynsham Angling Association Badge - 2 each (click to enlarge) New Keynsham Angling Association badges are now available to purchase at Keynsham Angling Centre priced 2 each. Anyone outside the Keynsham area wishing to buy a badge can email the Secretary and arrangements will be made to supply badges by post.

Congratulations to Warren Bates who won the E.M. Palmer Cup after some fine performances in the Wednesday evening 2008 Silver Fish Series. The third round of the All-Night Carp Series at Century Old Pond was won by George Clark with 4 fish for 40lb 1oz. Don't forget the Coarse season opens on Monday 16th June - the Rivers Chew and Avon are in great condition following the recent rain. Tight lines.

26th May 2008 • More Lost Tackle, Working Party Report
Jack Newton with a 23lb 2oz Mirror Carp taken on floating dog biscuit at Century Ponds (click to enlarge) A set of plastic bivvy doors was found at Century Ponds on Friday 23rd May. The lost tackle can be collected by contacting Phil on 07973 736519. Several Mirror Carp have been found dead recently in the Old Pond due to the effects of spawning. Please take extra care of all banked Carp during this period.

Carp to 23lb 2oz (see picture) have been reported, with good weights of smaller fish from the Island Pond. Both aerator pumps are now functioning following a working party on 22nd May. Work has also been carried at out the Mill Ground to remove overhanging trees and branches from 5 or 6 of the swims.

13th May 2008 • Latest Match Results, Century Ponds Report
Sean Clark won the latest Junior Carp Match with 16lb 6oz. Round 2 of the All-Night Carp Series was won by George Clark who banked 9 fish for a superb total of 101lb 1oz. Round 1 of the E.M. Palmer Cup Wednesday Silver Series was won by Warren Bates with a total weight of 21lb 1oz.

Century Ponds is fishing well with plenty of Carp to low 20's showing regularly from the Old Pond. Skimmers and small Carp continue to feed well in the Island Pond. With the warmer temperatures the Carp have started spawning - please take extra care with any fish caught during this period.

14th Apr 2008 • Carp Match Round 1 Result & Match Dates
Craig Andrews, winner of round 1 of the All-Night Carp Series, with a 14lb 6oz Mirror (click to view more) Craig Andrews won the first round of the 2008 All-Night Carp Series at Century Old Pond with a total weight of 36lb 3oz. Round 2 of the 4-round Series takes place on 10th May. A Junior Carp Match will take place on Saturday 26th April.

Century Ponds has been fishing very well with good Carp to low twenties showing in the Old Pond. Try the Island Pond for Skimmers and small Carp, with the odd Tench and some good Roach and Perch also making an appearance. Working parties have been scheduled for Sunday 27th April 2008 (1pm) at Century Ponds and Tuesday 20th May 2008 (6:30pm) at the Mill Ground on the River Chew. All Members welcome!

24th Mar 2008 • Match Result, Century Ponds Repairs, Big Fish Reported
The winner of the recent Junior Carp Match was Sean Clark with a fish of 15lb 4oz from peg 2. Century Ponds has been fishing well despite the difficult winter conditions, producing some good Carp to mid-doubles, with Skimmers and small Carp showing well in the Island Pond. Unconfirmed reports suggest that a 'very large' Common was landed from the Island Pond just before Easter. No further details are available.

General repair work has been carried out at the Ponds this week - the car park has been tidied and partially resurfaced, new land drains have been installed and the inlet to the Island Pond has been cleared and upgraded. The scaffolding shoot tower near peg 13 has also been partially removed. Water levels are now at full head. Finally, the old Club phone number is now officially redundant - Vodafone would not re-activate the expired SIM card.

16th Mar 2008 • Security Lights, Tree Removed, New Gate Lock
Working party at Brookmead, River Chew (click to view gallery) Two working parties have taken place this weekend. On Saturday 15th a fallen tree was removed from the Bathford Brook swim at Brookmead (field 7), Compton Dando, with top quality bacon sarnies kindly provided by KAA's 'First Lady' Wendy Denning.

On Sunday 16th new security lights were installed at Century Ponds and the noticeboard was re-erected on the side of the container in the car park. Additionally, one or two branches were removed from the trees on the causeway.

Both Ponds are now brim full, with the new Carp and Skimmers showing well. Carp to 18lb have also been reported recently. Maintenance work will be carried out at the Ponds this coming week. All Members purchasing day tickets for Century Ponds will now be issued with a 4-digit code for the new combination lock on the main gate. This code will ONLY be issued by day ticket vendors. It will not be posted on the website nor available over the phone. Thanks for your co-operation.

A reminder to all Junior Members that a day time Carp Match will take place at Century Old Pond on Saturday 22nd March. The Old Pond will be closed to non-match anglers all day.

27th Feb 2008 • New Photo Galleries Added, New Carp & Skimmers Feeding
Opposite the Mill Ground section of the River Chew (click to view gallery) Two new photo galleries have been added to the site, one showing Brookmead, field 7 on the River Chew at Compton Dando, the other featuring the Mill Ground section of the Chew at Keynsham. The History and Trophy Cabinet pages have also been added to.

The new Skimmers and Carp have been making themselves known in the Island Pond at Century. Weights of up to 40lb have been reported since they were stocked.

22nd Feb 2008 • Century Ponds Gets A New Stock Of Carp
Mirrors & Commons stocked at Century Ponds (click to view gallery) Century Island Pond today took delivery of a large batch of 6 to 8 inch Mirror and Common Carp, courtesy of Cob House Fisheries in Worcester, following hot on the heels of the Skimmers last week.

On an historical note, the Secretary is commencing the task of researching and compiling a detailed account of the Club's 105-year history. If anyone out there has any interesting memorabilia or stories please feel free to call 07973 736519.

13th Feb 2008 • New Skimmers At Century Ponds
Skimmer Bream stocked at Century Ponds (click to view gallery) Century Island Pond today received a substantial stock of 6 to 8 inch Skimmer Bream, courtesy of Fishers Pond Fishery. The Club will also be adding a large batch of 6 to 9 inch Common and Mirror Carp to the Island Pond within the next few weeks. The current plan is to concentrate the larger Carp into the Old Pond, with the Island Pond gradually shifting towards mixed silver fish and small Carp.

A reminder to all Members that the Ponds are closed for clay pigeon shoots on alternate Sundays. The Gun Club have reported several incidents of anglers fishing at the Ponds on shooting days. Whilst on a nagging theme, some Members are still leaving litter in their swims at Century Ponds. Please take all litter home with you when you leave the venue or place it on the fire site near the main Stockwood Vale gate. Thank you.

The Secretary would like to thank Life Member Mike Davies for sending in a batch of press clippings from the 1970's. They will be added to the Club History page very shortly. Thanks Mike.

4th Feb 2008 • Ponds Separated To Isolate Leak, Junior Match
The Island Pond has now been separated from the Old Pond in order to isolate the suspected leak. Repair work will commence within the next few weeks. A reminder to all Junior Members that the first Junior Match of the year is on Saturday 22nd March. To enter call Phil on 07973 736519. Century Ponds has been gradually improving with Carp to mid-doubles showing regularly. Feed light and fish small baits for best results.

News Archive

News Archive • Keynsham Angling Association Past News Reports
Past Keynsham Angling Association news reports organised into year-by-year pages.

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Rudd (Scardinius erythrophthalmus)
(Scardinius erythrophthalmus)
Record: 4lb 10oz (2001)
Simon Parry, Clay Lake,
County Armagh, N. Ireland.

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