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Keynsham Angling Association

Club Information

Tench (Tinca tinca)

Contact Details • Keynsham Angling Association
Keynsham Angling Association


Telephone: 07445 895900


I. Spicer

Vice President
B. Hicks

Honorary Life Members
M.J. Davies, R. Stone, K. Jerrom, G.M. Williams
M. Taylor, J. Allen, W. Bates, R. Denning, S. Ball
M. Ewins, I. Tucker, G. Clark, P. Seymour, D. Weaver

B. Hicks, S. Spicer, B. Teakle
I. Spicer, H. Moody, A. Ball
E. Best, S. Brooks, A. Wride

Honorary Secretary
S. Brooks

Club Treasurer
Position Vacant (S. Brooks interim)

Match Secretary
Position Vacant

Match Organiser
B. Teakle

Ponds Manager
A. Wride

J. Allen

Bristol & West Federation Delegate
S. Brooks

All Committee Members

Association Rules

Rule 1
The Association shall be called the "Keynsham Angling Association" and shall consist of Ordinary Members, Senior Members (aged 65 and over), Junior Members (aged 16 and under), and Honorary Members. The Annual Subscription payable shall be as follows: Ordinary Members 30.00, Junior Members 18.00, Senior Members 18.00, Disabled 18.00. Honorary Membership may be granted by the Association in General Meetings to persons recommended by the committee for election "pro honoris causa". Such Members are not required to subscribe to Association Funds. Each Member shall be given a copy of the Association's current Rules and Bylaws on payment of his/her subscription.

Rule 2
Members are entitled to fish in conformity with the Rules and Bylaws ALL waters of the Association.

Rule 3
No persons shall fish the Association's waters without being in possession of their Member's Licence.

Rule 4
The management of the Association shall be in the hands of a Committee consisting of the President and twelve Members, who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and hold office until the next Annual General Meeting. Members serving on, or accepting appointment to the Committee of any other Angling Association shall not be eligible to serve. Any elected Member of the Committee absent from three consecutive meetings without adequate reason will be deemed to have resigned. Five Members shall form a quorum.

Rule 5
The Committee shall in particular have the following powers:

(a) To appoint a Secretary and a Treasurer who may be the same person as the Secretary, with power to rescind or vary the appointments. The duties of the Secretary shall be to attend all meetings of the Committee, keep full Minutes of the proceedings of the same, and to conduct correspondence and carry out such other duties as the Committee may require. The Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer shall receive all monies belonging to the Association, and shall deposit the same in such Bank or otherwise deal with the same as the Committee may from time to time direct.

(b) To frame Bylaws for the governance of the Association, such Bylaws not being contrary to these Rules, and to alter and rescind such Bylaws.

(c) To fill any vacancy in the Committee during the year by co-option.

(d) To forego the collection of a Member's subscription for any reason appearing satisfactory to them.

(e) To suspend or expel any Member for any breach of the Rules or Bylaws, or for any misconduct considered to be detrimental to the interests of the Association. Seven days notice of the Committee's intention shall be given to such Member, to give him or her an opportunity of making any representation he or she may think fit, after which period the Committee's decision shall be final.

Rule 6
At the Annual General Meeting there shall also be elected the following Officers: Vice-Presidents, Auditors and Bailiffs, none of whom shall be ex-officio a Member of the Committee.

Rule 7
Committee Meetings shall be held on such days as considered necessary and notice thereof shall be given by the Secretary to each Committee Member.

Rule 8
The Annual General Meeting for the election of officers and for other business shall be held on the first Monday in October of each year, unless for some special cause the Committee deem it necessary to fix another day. Any Member being desirous of proposing a motion shall send notice of the same to the Secretary at least 10 days before the Meeting.

Rule 9
Any notices required to be sent to a Member by these Rules shall be deemed to have been served if sent by post or email, addressed to the Member at his or her last known address. A Special General Meeting shall be called by the Secretary at the express desire of any six Members of the Association. The Secretary shall give notice by post, email or via the website, to every Member at least 7 days before the Meeting. At either Meeting, only Adult Members are entitled to vote.

Rule 10
No new Rule or alteration of an existing Rule and no new resolution having the effect of altering an existing Rule shall be made or passed unless it is made or passed by not less than two-thirds of the Members voting at an Annual or Special General Meeting.

The decision of the Committee as to the interpretation of these Rules and Bylaws or in any case not provided for therein, shall be final.

Association Bylaws

Bylaw 1
Keynsham Angling Association waters shall consist of waters rented by the Association as defined on Association Licences and on the website, and are available to Members.

Bylaw 2
No fish are to be taken away from the Association's waters, apart from a maximum of one brace (i.e. two fish) of trout per angler per day.

Bylaw 3
Members fishing the Association waters must be in possession of an Environment Agency Licence.

Bylaw 4
The Bylaws of the Environment Agency are hereby made Bylaws of the Association.

Bylaw 5
No vehicle of any kind, or dog, must be taken on to the land adjoining the Association's waters without the consent of the Association.

Bylaw 6
The indiscriminate digging of banks, excessive noise and the lighting of fires is prohibited. Any Members breaking this Bylaw will be expelled from the Association.

Bylaw 7
Every Member shall produce for inspection his/her Membership Licence and all fish in his/her possession and permit the inspection of his/her tackle upon request by a Member of Bailiff of the Association who shall first of all produce his/her own Membership Licence or other Authority.

Bylaw 8
Litter of any description must not be left on the banks at the close of a days fishing.

Bylaw 9
Night fishing is prohibited on any of the Club's waters, except during official Association contests.

Keynsham Angling Association centenary reel

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Keynsham Angling Association
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Keynsham Angling Association

Tench (Tinca tinca)
(Tinca tinca)

Local Weather
Weather forecast

You can find all the latest regional weather reports at these sites:

Clay Shoot Dates
Century Ponds is closed to Members on alternate Sundays until 1pm for clay shooting.

Oct 8th, 22nd
Nov 5th, 19th
Dec 3rd, 17th, 31st

Jan 14th, 28th
Feb 11th, 25th
Mar 10th, 24th
Apr 7th, 21st
May 5th, 19th
June 2nd, 16th, 30th
July 14th, 28th
Aug 11th, 25th
Sep 8th, 22nd
Oct 6th, 20th
Nov 3rd, 17th
Dec 1st, 15th, 29th

♣ Full Details

A.G.M. 2024
The next Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday 7th October 2024 at Keynsham Cricket Club, 7:30pm prompt. All Members are eligible to attend.

River Level Reports
Information about the current water levels on our local rivers:

Safety Advice
Warning - Overhead Power Lines

Several of the Association's waters are near overhead power lines carrying up to 132,000 volts. These lines are within reach of rods and poles. Members must maintain a safe fishing distance and must NOT carry assembled rods or poles under these power lines. Always look up.

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Keynsham Angling Association

07445 895900

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