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The Trophy Cabinet

Chub (Squalius cephalus)

The Trophy Cabinet • Keynsham Angling Association Silverware
Keynsham Angling Association Silverware

P.P.P. ("President's") Cup • The Club's Oldest Challenge Cup
P.P.P. Cup - click to enlarge P.P.P. Cup - click to enlarge This solid silver trophy was given to the club by then-President Mr W. Pepperell Pitt in 1934, the name standing for "President Pepperell Pitt".

The P.P.P. Cup was uncontested from 1999 to 2012, but is now competed for every season.

Four Presidents have won the P.P.P. Cup - A.R. (Fred) Veale, Mike Taylor, Roger Palmer and Ken Jerrom. Warren Bates has won the cup eight times.

1935   M. Thomas
1936   G. Head
1937   C. Iles
1938   M. Thomas
1939-1945   Not Awarded (wwii)
1946   F. Willis
1947   F. Willis
1948   W.J. Freeman
1949   F. Morgan
1950   I. Nicholls
1951   J. Gloor
1952   F. Morgan
1953   G. Edwards
1954   G. Edwards
1955   F. Morgan
1956   A.R. Veale
1957   J. Gloor
1958   J. Gloor
1959   G. Edwards
1960   A. Tilley
1961   S.G. Price
1962   L. Sainsbury
1963   J. Gloor
1964   M. Roussell
1965   M. Roussell
1966   T. Gloor
1967   J. Leonard
1968   B. Keeling
1969   B. Keeling
1970   T. Bailey (Jnr)
1971   R. Palmer
1972   B. Elliott
1973   R. Palmer
1974   C. Horswell
1975   B. Keeling
1976   R. Palmer
1977   T. Bailey
1978   G. Bingham
1979   S. Horswell
1980   R. Palmer
1981   D. Crispin
1982   D. Crispin
1983   B. Ottaway
1984   C. Horswell
1985   M. Taylor
1986   S. Goslin
1987   S. Goslin
1988   S. Goslin
1989   N. Marchant
1990   D. Crispin
1991   S. Horswell
1992   R. Dufferty
1993   W. Bates
1994   D. Atcherly
1995   W. Bates
1996   W. Bates
1997   K. Jerrom
1998   W. Bates
1999-2012   Not Fished For
2013   W. Bates
2014   W. Bates
2015   W. Bates
2016   W. Bates
2017   L. Fothergill

J.B.S. Cup • Fished For By Junior Members Only
J.B.S. Cup - click to enlarge J.B.S. Cup - click to enlarge This trophy was purchased by the Association in 1971, using a 5 donation from Mr Jack B. Smith, who lent his initials to the trophy.

Originally, this cup was contested at the same time as the P.P.P. Cup on the River Chew. Only Junior Members were eligible to compete for the J.B.S. Cup.

Steve Horswell and James Davis have both won the J.B.S. Cup three times, each in successive years. The cup has been uncontested since 1999.

1971   S. Horswell
1972   S. Horswell
1973   S. Horswell
1974   D. Abery
1975   N. Gapper
1976   Not Fished For
1977   K. Hatherway
1978   D. Atcherly
1979   M. Slade
1980   D. Carpenter
1981   A. Leonard
1982   J. Atkins
1983   S. Pritchett
1984   D. Stone
1985   M. Walker
1986   L. Adams
1987   N. Newman
1988   J. Taylor
1989   T. Jerrom
1990   E. Trenchard
1991   B. Jerrom
1992   B. Jerrom
1993   B. Jarvis
1994   B. Jarvis
1995   S. Chaplin
1996   J. Davis
1997   J. Davis
1998   J. Davis
1999-2018   Not Fished For

D. & R. Price Cup • For The Biggest Match Fish
D. & R. Price Cup - click to enlarge D. & R. Price Cup - click to enlarge This trophy was presented to Keynsham Angling Association in 1958 by Donald and Roger Price, the sons of Stan Price.

The D. & R. Price Cup is awarded to the captor of the biggest Match-caught fish of the season. Steve Horswell has won the trophy five times.

The cup was out of circulation from 1999 to 2009. From 2010 onwards, the trophy has been awarded to the angler who catches the biggest Match fish of the season.

1958   W. Baxter - Perch 1lb 2oz
1959   B. Stone - Perch 1lb 1½oz
1960   J. Gloor - Bream 1lb 1½oz
1961   C. Crew - Perch 1lb 1½oz
1962   J. Gloor - Tench 1lb 3oz
1963   R. Palmer - Roach 7oz
1964   S.G. Price - Tench 1lb 5½oz
1965   M. Roussell - Bream 1lb ½oz
1966   I. Newman - Bream 1lb 5½oz
1967   R. Palmer - Tench 15½oz
1968   A. Tilley - Tench 2lb 2¼oz
1969   L. Sainsbury - Roach 15½oz
1970   B. Perrin - Tench 7lb 8oz
1971   J.R. Bowland - Carp 5lb 6oz
1972   S. Horswell - Tench 5lb 4oz
1973   S. Horswell - Roach 11½oz
1974   R.C. Caines - Chub 1lb 0oz
1975   B. Keeling - Chub 13¼oz
1976   S. Goslin - Chub 3lb 10oz
1977-1979   Not Awarded
1980   I. Stapleton - Chub 1lb 6oz
1981   W. Bates - Roach 13¼oz
1982   D. Crispin - Perch 1lb ½oz
1983   S. Horswell - Chub 2lb 12oz
1984   S. Horswell - Chub 2lb 13oz
1985   K. Box - Bream 2lb 15½oz
1986   S. Goslin - Roach 1lb 2½oz
1987   S. Horswell - Chub 3lb 12oz
1988   W. Tye - Chub 1lb 13oz
1989   W. Tye - Chub 4lb 1oz
1990   A. Denham - Bream 2lb 7oz
1991   G. Jennings - Bream 3lb 2oz
1992   S. Bryant - Carp 7lb 4oz
1993   R. Cooper - Bream 3lb 2oz
1994   B. Swindle - Bream 4lb 1oz
1995   T. Bruton - Carp 7lb 12oz
1996   R. Stone - Bream 4lb 7oz
1997   Not Awarded
1998   G. Mewdell - Carp 9lb 8oz
1999-2009   Not Awarded
2010   L. Andrews - Carp 19lb 8oz
2011   I. Tucker - Carp 20lb 0oz
2012   S. Clark - Carp 29lb 4oz
2013   C. Clark - Carp 22lb 14oz
2014   C. Mockridge - Carp 18lb 8oz
2015-2016   L. Andrews - Carp 16lb 4oz
2016-2017   J. Nash - Carp 13lb 0oz

George Bingham Christmas Shield • The Christmas Match Trophy
The George Bingham Christmas Shield - click to enlarge The George Bingham Christmas Shield - click to enlarge The George Bingham Christmas Shield was purchased in 1982 to commemorate the life of former Secretary George Bingham.

The Shield is always competed for at the Christmas Match, nowadays at Century Ponds or an 'away' venue.

Originally the Match took place on the River Chew, where as many as 50 anglers braved the weather and flood waters.

Traditionally, the Shield was awarded to the winning Adult and the Trophy given to the top Junior, though the Trophy is generally no longer awarded.

Warren Bates has won the Shield four times, and along with Luke Fothergill, is the only angler to have retained the Shield.

1982   B. Ottaway
1983   S. Horswell
1984   A. Leonard
1985   S. Horswell
1986   D. Crispin
1987   L. Amos
1988   P. Kenyon
1989   S. Horswell
1990   A. Denham
1991   P. Davis
1992   R. Cooper
1993   W. Bates
1994   T. Bruton
1995   W. Bates
1996   R. Stone
1997   R. Price
1998   N. Wyatt
1999-2001   Not Fished For
2002   W. Bates
2003   W. Bates
2004   K. Pope
2005   I. Tucker
2006   S. Bull
2007   M. Taylor
2008   M. Smith
2009   R. Lansdown
2010   N. Bateman
2011   G. Clark
2012   J. Seymour
2013   D. Wilton
2014   D. Hinds
2015   L. Fothergill
2016   L. Fothergill
2017   E. Best

George Bingham Junior Christmas Trophy • The Christmas Junior Cup
George Bingham Junior Christmas Trophy - click to enlarge George Bingham Junior Christmas Trophy - click to enlarge Acquired by the Association in conjunction with the George Bingham Shield in 1982, following the death of Secretary and long-time Committee Member Mr George Bingham.

In the early 1980's, the Christmas Matches at the Mill Ground were attracting over 50 entrants, making this a difficult trophy to win, especially when the Chew was in spate on a freezing cold day.

After the match there would usually be a raffle and prize-giving ceremony, organised by Charlie and Irene Horswell. Even the anglers who blanked would make their way home to a warm fire with a tin of biscuits or a bottle of booze.

1982   W. Bates
1983   J. Taylor
1984   D. Stone
1985   J. Frankcombe
1986   V. Box
1987   J. Taylor
1988   Not Fished For
1989   Not Fished For
1990   G. Hicks
1991   Not Fished For
1992   J. Swindle
1993   B. Jarvis
1994   M. Godfrey
1995   A. Hill
1996   J. Davis
1997   J. Beilby
1998   J. Davis
1999-2017   Not Fished For

Mervyn Holmes Challenge Bowl • The Original Rosebowl
Mervyn Holmes Challenge Bowl - click to enlarge Mervyn Holmes Challenge Bowl - click to enlarge Presented to the Club in 1966 by Mr. Mervyn G. Holmes, the well-respected local fishing tackle dealer.

The original plan was to hold the Challenge Bowl match at Longleat, but Lord Bath's prices were too high. Eventually the Club elected to fish for this splendid trophy at Whaddon, courtesy of Bradford-on-Avon A.A.

The River Avon at Grosvenor, Bath, was the venue of choice in the 1970's and 1980's. Since 2009, the 'Rosebowl' has mainly been contested on the Kennet & Avon Canal.

1966   R. Palmer
1967   J. Leonard
1968   B. Lillywhite
1969   R. King
1970   C. Horswell
1971   B. Keeling
1972   M. Davies
1973   B. Elliott
1974   R.J. Caines
1975   R.C. Caines
1976   T. Bailey
1977   S. Goslin
1978   T. Bailey
1979   G. Bees
1980   T. Bailey
1981   S. Horswell / F. Mawer
1982   R. Ottaway
1983   R. Ottaway
1984   S. Horswell
1985   T. Bruton
1986   C. Horswell
1987   J. Rehbein
1988   N. Marchant
1989   W. Uttley
1990   G. Hicks (Jnr)
1991   S. Horswell
1992   D. Crispin
1993   M. Taylor
1994   S. Horswell
1995   W. Bates
1996   R. Stone
1997   Not Fished For
1998   J. Davis
1999-2008   Not Fished For
2009   M. Taylor
2010   M. Taylor
2011   N. Bateman
2012   W. Bates
2013   W. Bates
2014   E. Best
2015   B. Teakle
2016-2017   M. Taylor
2017-2018   L. Fothergill

Best Contest Weight Cup • For The Biggest Match Weight Of The Season
Best Contest Weight Cup - click to enlarge Best Contest Weight Cup - click to enlarge This trophy was introduced in 1972 during one of Keynsham Angling Association's golden periods of Match fishing.

Warren Bates has been awarded the Best Contest Weight Cup three times. Bill Uttley, Steve Goslin, Tim Bailey, Roger Stone and Bill Elliot have each won it on two occasions.

Since the advent of Century Ponds as a Match venue in the mid-1990's, the winning weights have increased noticeably. The trophy came back into circulation in 2010.

1972   T. Bailey - 4lb 9oz
1973   R. Palmer - 5lb 13oz
1974   B. Elliott - 3lb 9½oz
1975   M.J. Davies - 3lb 6½oz
1976   I. Newman - 5lb 11oz
1977   T. Bailey - 2lb 1½oz
1978   Not Awarded
1979   W. Elliott - 2lb 2oz
1980   D. Williams - 2lb 5oz
1981   G. Bingham - 2lb 5½oz
1982   B. Uttley - 2lb 6½oz
1983   B. Uttley - 2lb 13oz
1984   S. Horswell - 5lb 6oz
1985   K. Box - 5lb 3.5oz
1986   S. Goslin - 4lb 7oz
1987   R. Stone - 5lb 10oz
1988   K. Rayford - 3lb 9oz
1989   S. Goslin - 6lb 5oz
1990   B. Jerrom (Jnr) - 6lb 11oz
1991   R. Green - 6lb 11oz
1992   D. Crispin - 9lb 13oz
1993   P. Fitzgerald - 2lb 12oz
1994   W. Bates - 16lb 3oz
1995   T. Bruton - 21lb 13oz
1996   R. Stone - 10lb 8oz
1997   D. Atcherly - 8lb 0oz
1998   W. Bates - 29lb 15oz
1999   W. Bates - 43lb 0oz
2000-2003   Not Awarded
2004   C. Clark (Jnr) - 17lb 10oz
2005-2009   Not Awarded
2010   B. Teakle - 32lb 0oz
2011   G. Clark - 82lb 4oz
2012   J. Seymour - 54lb 0oz
2013   J. Fry - 125 lb 12oz
2014-2015   D. Hinds - 117lb 8oz
2015-2016   L. Fothergill - 157 lb 12 oz
2016-2017   T. Bruton - 129lb 3oz

Arthur Edwards Memorial Cup • Dedicated To A Fine Servant Of The Club
The Arthur Edwards Memorial Cup - click to enlarge The Arthur Edwards Memorial Cup - click to enlarge This trophy was acquired by the Club following the death of Mr G. Arthur Edwards in 1993. Arthur was a long-time Club Member and served as Honorary Secretary for a decade until his death.

Arthur championed the Junior Section for many years with great success, and was responsible for tutoring anglers in the National Anglers' Council Bronze and Silver Awards.

This Cup was contested in 2009 for the first time in a decade, and is now a regular fixture in the match calendar.

1995   S. Goslin / W. Bates
1996   W. Bates
1997   Not Fished For
1998   W. Bates
1999   W. Bates
2000-2008   Not Fished For
2009   D. Weaver
2010   B. Groom
2011   P. Seymour
2012   D. Weaver
2013   B. Groom / I. Tucker
2014   B. Teakle
2015   W. Bates
2016   B. Slipper
2017   G. Welsh
2018   J. Fry

E.M. Palmer Cup • The Evening Points Cup
E.M. Palmer Cup - click to enlarge E.M. Palmer Cup - click to enlarge The E.M. Palmer Cup was presented to the Club in 1985 by then-President Roger Palmer in memory of his Mother, Mrs E.M. Palmer.

Originally, this trophy was awarded to the angler with the best points score during the Tuesday evening two-hour contests at the Mill Ground stretch of the River Chew.

Since 2008, the E.M. Palmer Cup has been awarded to the winner of the Evening Silver Fish Series at Century Ponds.

1985   D. Crispin
1986   S. Goslin
1987   R. Stone
1988   T. Bruton
1989   S. Goslin
1990   W. Hunter
1991   W. Bates
1992   R. Garland
1993   W. Bates
1994   I. Spriggs
1995   R. Greenham
1996   D. Wilmott
1997   P. Whiticker
1998   I. Spriggs
1999   T. Rixon
2000-2007   Not Fished For
2008   W. Bates
2009   P. Seymour
2010   Not Fished For
2011   W. Bates
2012   W. Bates
2013   Not Fished For
2014   Not Fished For
2015   D. Weaver
2016   C. Maddox / L. Chidzey
2017   D. Hinds

Junior Cup • Presented To The Club By A.R. Veale
Junior Cup - click to enlarge Junior Cup - click to enlarge The Junior Cup is the Club's second oldest trophy and was first presented in 1952 by then-Secretary and Treasurer Alfred (Fred) R. Veale.

Steve Horswell won it three times in a row during his all-conquering early 1970's spell.

The Junior Cup was not fished for in 1976 due to the effects of the summer drought on the water levels of the River Chew.

The Cup is currently out of circulation and has not been contested since 1998.

1952   B. Wright
1953   B. Bruton
1954   M. Fudge
1955   M. Newman
1956   M. Newman
1957   T. Huggins
1958   T. Huggins
1959   M. Roussell
1960   R. Stone
1961   L. Kirby
1962   L. Kirby
1963   R. Elloitt
1964   D. Lane
1965   A. Cottrell
1966   C. Ferns
1967   D. Price
1968   T. Bailey
1969   T. Bailey
1970   C. Copp
1971   T. Bailey
1972   S. Horswell
1973   S. Horswell
1974   S. Horswell
1975   N. Marchant
1976   Not Fished For (Drought)
1977   D. Coles
1978   M. Slade
1979   M. Sawyer
1980   D. Williams
1981   A. Leonard
1982   T. Skuce
1983   T. Skuce
1984   J. Allen
1985   J. Frankcombe
1986   L. Adams
1987   M. Rehbein
1988   J. Taylor
1989   J. Taylor
1990   B. Jerrom
1991   E. Trenchard
1992   A. Miller
1993   Not Fished For
1994   S. Chaplin
1995   S. Chaplin
1996   C. Thomas
1997   J. Davis
1998   J. Davis
1999-2018   Not Fished For

Keeling Cup • Traditionally The First Cup Match Of The Season
Keeling Cup - click to enlarge Keeling Cup - click to enlarge The Keeling Cup was presented to Keynsham Angling Association in 1967 by Harry O. Keeling.

This trophy is generally competed for on the first Sunday of the Coarse fishing season at the Mill Ground on the River Chew, Keynsham, though the Match has, in recent years, been held on 'away' waters.

Warren Bates has won the trophy five times, winning the cup four years running between 1994 and 1997. The late Terry Bruton won the cup twice, with a 25-year gap between wins (1992/2017).

1967   C. Fisher
1968   C. Fisher
1969   D. Crispin
1970   T. Cook (Jnr)
1971   T. Bailey
1972   S. Horswell (Jnr)
1973   T. Bailey
1974   R.C. Caines
1975   C. Horswell
1976   B. Elliot
1977   S. Horswell
1978   C. Horswell
1979   W. Elliot
1980   R. Palmer
1981   R. Palmer
1982   W. Uttley
1983   R. Palmer
1984   K. Rayford
1985   S. Horswell
1986   S. Goslin
1987   K. Rayford
1988   P. Bleach (Jnr)
1989   S. Goslin
1990   R. Palmer
1991   N. Marchant
1992   T. Bruton
1993   K. Rayford
1994   W. Bates
1995   W. Bates
1996   W. Bates
1997   W. Bates
1998   R. Green
1999-2003   Not Fished For
2004   C. Clark (Jnr)
2005-2008   Not Fished For
2009   M. Taylor
2010   N. Bateman
2011   M. Taylor
2012   W. Bates
2013   B. Sidwick
2014   L. Fothergill
2015   C. Maddox
2016   D. Hinds
2017   T. Bruton
2018   L. Fothergill

Match Angler Of The Year Cup • For The Most Match Wins During The Year
Match Angler Of The Year Cup - click to enlarge Match Angler Of The Year Cup - click to enlarge The Match Angler Of The Year Cup was first introduced in 1995. Originally, the cup winner was voted for by the Committee each season, based upon Match performances.

From 2010 onwards, the trophy has been awarded to the angler who wins the most matches throughout the calendar year.

1995-1996   W. Bates
1996-1997   R. Stone
1997-2009   Not Awarded
2010   A. Smith
2011   B. Teakle
2012   G. Welsh
2013   G. Welsh
2014   W. Bates
2015-2016   L. Fothergill
2016-2017   L. Fothergill

The President's Rosebowl • For The Biggest Century Ponds Club Match Weight
The President's Rosebowl - click to enlarge The President's Rosebowl - click to enlarge The President's Rosebowl was first introduced in 1994 and was awarded to the winner of the Sunday Points Series at Century Old Pond.

Warren Bates dominated the first five Sunday Series, winning the competition every year from 1994 to 1999.

The President's Rosebowl was not contested from 1999 to 2009. From 2010 onwards, the trophy has been awarded to the angler who catches the biggest single weight during the Club Matches fished at Century Island Pond each year.

1994-1995   W. Bates
1995-1996   W. Bates
1996-1997   W. Bates
1997-1998   W. Bates
1998-1999   W. Bates
1999-2009   Not Fished For
2010   A. Smith
2011   B. Teakle
2012   G. Clark
2013   M. Smith
2014   A. Smith
2015   C. Maddox
2016   C. Maddox
2017   Not Fished For

Match Results

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Chub (Squalius cephalus)
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